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Opopanax is a gum-resin from the floral plant, Opopanax chironium, from the carrot family, which only grows to a height of 70 centimeters. The stems are cut at the base and the brown sap which flows from them is left to dry in the sun.

This plant thrives in hot climates, like Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran or Somalia. The plants living in cooler climates produce a resin of lesser quality.

Opopanax was largely used in ancient medicine, but still used as a medicine in medieval Europe. It was used to treat open fractures, infected wounds, ulcers, spasms, asthme, intestinal infections, hysteria and hypochondria. But it was quickly abandoned with the discovery of other plants which were more specifically effective.
Utilised in perfumery, it brings an Oriental note, as in the celebrated perfume Shalimar. It can also be used in the wax of scented candles.

Burned on charcoal, it produces first of all, a balsamic and peppery base note, suggestive of honey or caramel. Then, after the base note, come more rich and varied scents : apricots or other fruits, cumin, nutmeg or even lavender.

In order to describe its ambiance, simply recall that King Solomon said, "the most noble of incense is Opopanax".
Opopanax :: Incense Resins
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