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Buddhist Artsan Etics

Since its creation the purpose of Mérite & Patience is to practice an economic activity with respect and generosity for the nature, the supplier and the client and ourselves.

Mérite & Patience was co-created in 2005 by a couple of boudhist practicionner. Now, my precious companion is dead, but I go on with the same values.

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoché has said something like : if you are pizzaïolo do it the best you can, if you are a business people do it the best you can, when you are parent do it the best you can. Practice excellence in everything you do.

So, as a Chogyäm Trungpa studient, thus I do...



I will not offer anymore guarantee for for broken threads as I will end my work, retire and move in another house without studio. I will still have a corner on a table and a few threads and when possible I will repair with pleasure.

Mérite & Patience products are made with particular attention paid to insure their quality and durability.
For the malas made with 108 beads, or 99 beads for muslim rosaries, I shall repair or replace them, free of charge, except in case of stone, wood, seed or others beads breakage.
Thus, during three years, the symbolic time for a buddhist retreat of 3 years, 3 months and 3 days.
The shipping fees stay at your charge

Transparency Commitment

Each product clearly mentions the material of which it is made.
In our time, imitations are very common and sometimes very well done. 
In case of doubt, I waive the use of a material or mention it visibly



Respect of Nature Commitment

I boycot all material which is not harvested in the respect of the nature. 


Hight quality buddhist malas
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